Psychotherapy and Art Therapy
Adults, Children, Couples and Groups

We all have access to symbol and metaphor, as a way of entering into a relationship with our unconscious wisdom. We can learn to listen within and play with simple art materials and journal writing to transform our experience. Absolutely no art experience is necessary. 

Art therapy can be a pathway to identify conflict and access inner resources unleashed in the art making process.  A simple way of beginning is through the collage.


My work with individuals, couples and groups is based on helping you understand the role you played within your family. If you are experiencing difficulties in your current relationships, we can usually link them to the messages you received while growing up and how you responded to them. Identifying how these messages shaped your self image and the way you relate to others becomes clearer. The toll of outmoded coping strategies can be assessed and new choices can gradually become part of your natural repertiore. Our work enables you to understand how wounds from the past, may have left you unconsciously attempting to get earlier developmental needs met. Once understood and experienced, other options become possible.

To discover your authentic self, your inner wisdom and the parts of
yourself needing your care.                                                                
Receive help with an addiction, compulsion, or an eating disorder.
Increase your ability to identify your feelings and needs
and stand up for yourself.
Bring healing and compassion to a history of trauma or loss.
Learn self soothing strategies to deal with depression or anxiety.
Bring increased awareness and solutions to problems in your relationship.
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